BEWARE of scammers trying to sell Bengal Cats!

This is becoming an increasing problem. Scammers are stealing content and photos from the websites of legitimate breeders and creating “real looking” websites with fake cattery names, fake information and fake cats and kittens for sale. Sometimes their website will be reported as a scam and the website company will take the site down, only for the scammer to create a new, fake cattery website hours later.

If you plan to purchase and/or ship a kitten or cat, make SURE it is a legitimate breeder. Too many people are trying to buy pets sight-unseen at a low price and having them shipped, only to be asked for 2-3 times that dollar amount in the middle of the shipping process. Scammers know that you are invested on getting the pet by then and you will pay almost any amount to get the pet. Sometimes there is a cat/kitten actually in the process of being shipped, more often there never was one even available.

Our best advice is to do your homework when attempting to purchase a new pet. Ask questions, do not buy on impulse. NEVER send money without talking to the seller by facetime or phone. Visit the breeder in person if at all possible. Ask around, get references on the breeder. Do your homework, do not buy on impulse, do NOT send any money until you confirm a seller is legitimate, and if a price seems too good to be true – it probably is!

Diana, BCD


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