Cattery Listing Instructions


The Bengal Cat Directory: How to register for the website and create your Breeder listing

(you may want to print this out to use as reference as you create your listing)

Obtain user login:  Contact the BCD for a user login account. Please provide your name, cattery name, and association your cattery is registered with. Website is also helpful. You will be sent an email with the login information.

Use the “Join” page:  find and click on the button to “Create Listing” and agree to the Code of Ethics (COE) Agreement. This is a basic agreement based on the TICA COE. Read through and use the “Click Here” link.

Select a Cattery Listing Plan. Please note all the specific options and inclusions! After selecting a plan, hit “Continue”.

Fill out the Listing Information page:

Title: Cattery Name

Address: It is best to use just a city, state, and zip code (city, province, territory, country as applicable if you are outside the U.S.) and not use an exact street address.

Find on map: A map will be based on the location you used in your listing

Listing type / Category: Select which primary category you want to be listed in. For free/basic listing, you can choose one category. For paid listings, you will have multiple choices. Note that if you use the “Brown Bengals” category, you will be included in with the highest number of other listings in searches (if you choose a Deluxe or Featured plan you’ll be listed at or near the top). If you focus on silvers, or snows, or charcoals, you may want to select that category to give your cattery more visibility when someone is interested in those colors. If you have the ability to select multiple categories, of course please just choose categories that apply to your cattery!

Agree to the Breeders Code of Ethics:  select “Yes”

Associations: select the associations your cattery and/or cats are registered in (if your association isn’t listed, let us know).

Contact info: All of these fields are optional. If you do not have a website, make sure to include email and/or phone. Please pay attention to “notes”, such as needing to include “http” or “https” when typing in your website address.

Listing images: You can select up to 5 images to upload. Please load your best two, highest quality photos first, the first one will be the banner at the top of your page and the second will be the largest image in the gallery preview. Maximum image size for uploading is around 2 MB. Please note any other tips on the page regarding managing your images.

“About Us” Description: Enter whatever text you like to describe your Bengals, cattery, breeding practices, etc. Please avoid putting your website in the description area since the directory may not be able to track anyone using that link, a link to your website will be shown in the “Contact” block on your listing.

Tags: These are “keywords” you’d like to include that will help visitors find your listing when searching.  Browse some of the current listings for ideas. Suggested keywords would be: Bengal cats, Bengal kittens, “your city”, “your state”, “your country”, “cattery name”, “snow Bengals” (if you specialize in snows). Using the words “bengal cat”, “bengal kitten” etc, serves to improve overall popularity of those terms to the website in general but don’t overdo it! If you’re not sure what to include here leave it blank and we’ll help out.

Hit the “Next Step” button and you’ll be taken to a payment screen (if applicable) to finish your listing.


  • Your listing will not be seen publicly on the directory until it is approved by the administrator.
  • You find your account at any time using the “Dashboard” link in the main menu or the link in the foot of page.
  • Note the “pencil” icon at the top of your listing; whenever you are logged in to the directory you can use that to edit your listing at any time.
  • Use the “contact” tab on the website for further assistance.
rev. May 2020