AkeeraBengal breeds for Health, Appearance and Temperament

We are located about 40 minutes north-east of downtown Toronto, Ontario and will safely transport a touch of the wild – locally, across the border or over-seas and into your home.

We breed rosetted and spotted bengals in Brown, Sorrel, Snow (Mink, Sepia and Lynx), as well as Silver. In appearance, we try to focus on the overall structure of the cat – with particular attention to the more distinct wow patterning.

We take every effort to help ensure healthy kittens by conducting random parasitic and viral testing to help ensure continued health. We also test for PK Deficiency and screening yearly for Hypertropic Cardiomyopathy (HCM). Bengals are known to be affected by both of these illnesses.

Don’t just ask if others screen – ask them to show you the reports. Don’t be shy or embarrased… We need to stop unethical breeders. I know I’d want to find my little kitten from someone who wants to breed the best in health, appearance and temperament.

We regularly attend Cat Shows and have always come home with ribbons – producing numerous Champions! Champion and Quadruple Grand Champion photos attached in this listing.