My interest in developing a long coated Bengal cat began in 1995. From that initial interest I was privileged to help found and develop the variety both in the United States and in Europe. My foundation Cashmere, The Sugar Daddy of Avondell, is in fact behind most Cashmere pedigrees throughout the international fancy today. I have been especially pleased to have my Cashmeres retain the low allergen status of the short coated Bengals along with a particularly laid back personality such as is often displayed by the long coated variety within a breed. My cats are Naturally Reared on an alternative protocol which includes minimal vaccines, homeopathic care, and a healthful, raw diet. The Avondell motto: Temperament First: Leopard Beauty Always is exemplified in the carefully developed long coated Cashmere cats I maintain today. For information on available Cashmeres (and occasional short coated carriers of Cashmere), email: