Beautiful Bengals is a Premiere ,TICA registered,Bengal kitten,cat Breeder in Colorado.
Beautiful Bengals breeder mission is to consistently produce Bengal kittens that are genetically healthy with distinctive, dynamiec, cutting edge pelts and loving personalities.
Beautiful Bengals is a Reputable Colorado State licensed Breeder,we adhere to High Breeding Standards. Our Bengal Breeders are the foundation of our program and are descendants from the most prestigious, award willing ,Championship bloodlines,pedigrees in the world.We believe that selective breeding and genetic engineering is the key to advancing the Bengal breed and producing the Worlds Best Quality Bengal kittens.
Our program is focus on Health as our foundation. Beautiful Bengals rigorously test our breeders for HCM, PRA, PK and Felv. Beautiful Bengals kittens are health Guaranteed. Kitten care is administered by my veterinarian monitoring weight and health closely. We offer verifiable Veterinarian health records with every kitten.

For More Information, please contact:
Rhonda Mumby