DarkMoon has truly been blessed by having the most amazing snows with “born with” contrast, and silvers that are so contrasted they look black and white. Browns at DarkMoon are also special as we have from a golden butter background with two tone rosettes, to a darker red, with amazing rosettes. The charcoals at DarkMoon have huge open rosetting, and can be found in browns and silvers. DarkMoon bengals are truly domestic, with a “touch” of the wild through their exotic looks, wild patterns, regal heads and extremely typey profiles.

DarkMoon kittens are fun, frisky, happy , healthy and well socialized. They are raised in my home with two labs, Flutter and Cleo, and two GSD’s, Fayte and Judge.

A DarkMoon bengal will bring joy, pleasure and a feeling of wonder every time you watch them play, run , frolic, climb and be a kitten. Almost every kitten at DarkMoon is heavily glittered with amazing contrast.

Your newest family member will be happy healthy and well socialized. Genetics are important to me at DarkMoon therefore pedigrees are researched and studied to bring you a healthy kitten with a healthy attitude.


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