Elysian Bengals embody “such surpassing excellence as to suggest inspiration by the gods”

Our cats are meticulously chosen to exhibit the characteristics of the original Asian leopard cat, personalities suitable for therapy work as well as excellent examples of health via careful analysis of genetics, screenings for HCM, PK-Def and PRA-b and species-appropriate raw diets. Our kittens are exposed to over 100+ stimuli with our extensive socialization program and go home with a very large kitten kit.

Elysian Bengals is T.I.C.A registered co-owned by wife and husband team in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. While our beautiful Bengals reside in our enriching and carefully designed cattery, our kittens and mothers are raised in our home underfoot. The owner and breeder has a bachelor’s in psychobiology pre-veterinary with a minor in evolutionary studies and special interest in carnivore nutrition and genetics.

Elysian Bengals aims to specialize in silvers and silver charcoal Bengals but at this time we do produce seal lynxes and browns including combinations (silver charcoal seal lynx, silver seal lynx, smokes etc.)