We provide Quality, Unconditionally Guaranteed (rare 2 week) leopard spotted & marbled Bengal cats & kittens from Northwest’s oldest & most successful Bengal cattery, since 1991. We’re a Responsible & Reputable Breeder for 22 years & will be here for another 22 years or more. When other breeders have come & gone, Epsilon will be here to serve you.

Epsilon is a Champion Breeder with a very successful 21 year show history. We’re credited with numerous Champion to Supreme Grand Champion titled cats as well as many Best Bengal in show and Best of the Best Cats in show. We’ve also had several Regional winners, campaigned the first International Winning Bengal female and 2 Best Bengal awards at “On Safari”, a prestigious annual show of nothing but Bengals.

I hope you give Epsilon a chance before making a decision. We have something for almost everyone in a reasonable time frame.