Indian Creek Bengals is a Certified TICA Outstanding Cattery dedicated to producing healthy, top quality Bengal cats for both show and loving pets. Each litter is thoughtfully planned to capture the beauty and wild essence of the exotic Asian Leopard cat.

All of our breeding adults are health screened and are genetically sound to provide healthy, friendly companions. Kittens come with a written health guarantee, age appropriate vaccinations, and TICA registration papers. We work only with established, champion show bloodlines with generations of proven health and quality.

Located in Eastern Pennsylvania, we focus on traditional pelted as well as the rare, long coated varient (Cashmere) in all recognised colors including golden brown, silver and snow spotted. Our litters often include charcoals as well.

Please view our website and follow us on Facebook for the latest cattery news. Give us a call… we are always happy to brag about our cats!