Welcome to the Bengal Cattery “Jungle Kitten” .
We are a small family cattery located in the heart of Canada, Ontario. We are glad to welcome you on the pages of our site dedicated to the most amazing breed – the Bengal cat. These affectionate, mobile cats are very fond of playing, they always choose their own master in the house, followed by a shadow. Unobtrusive, friendly to children and guests. Have a good intellect. They get along well with dogs and cats of other breeds. Our goal is to create healthy, good by type, large Bengal superior in quality to their parents.
We do not have animals in cages, separate rooms or individual houses. We live in an house, and our Bengal cats are full members of the family and have constant contact with people, that is important for the socialization of Bengal kittens. We have a relatively small cattery of cats and we have the opportunity to pay enough attention to each of our cats!
We are waiting for you in the cattery of Bengal cats “Jungle Kitten”. Bengal kittens are a piece of wildlife in your home.