Lone Star Bengals is located west of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area in Springtown, Parker County. LSB features brown spotted/rosette Bengals with occasional marbles, sprinkled with snows, in both patterns and color. We scrutinize our pedigrees to keep the “wild essence look” that Bengals are well known for but allow a loving, social companion. At LSB, we focus on our program’s health to annually test our breeders that include for HCM, Pk-def, FeLV/FIP and/or other necessary screening if needed to ensure we produce kittens that are top quality, period. 4 scrutinized feline enthusiast!

Lone Star Bengals is a certified TICA Outstanding Cattery of Excellence, our cats/kittens are TICA registered, and our cattery has been vet inspected with perfect score. LSB has earned the award from TIBCS as a Breeder of Distinction and abide by TIBCS Code of Ethic for our kittens and their families. LSB practices ESN for all kittens and all cats be altered before they leave here as a responsible breeder. All kittens are vet checked, have health records with a written health guarantee and contract. 4 scrutinized feline enthusiast!

Please feel free to contact us if you need more info to marla@lonestarbengals.com about our program and learn more about us. You can easily like/follow us on Facebook at Lone Star Bengals-Marla to find the latest news/happening. I make  updates so do check our website at Lonestarbengals.com to see our available kittens, retirees or new up comings to claim Your new addition. 4 scrutinized feline enthusiast!

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