We specialize in breeding world class, healthy, exotic, Bengal cats with a special focus on preserving the wild appearance of the cat while still maintaining the cats tame demeanor. After all, that is what Bengal cats were created for in the first place, to resemble cats found in the wild.

Their are many different colors and patterns of Bengals cats including: spotted, rosetta, and marbled for the different patterns. And brown, black, gold, snow, and silver for different colors. (learn more here) We only focus on breeding the more traditional Bengal cats, with numerous small doughnut shaped rosettes that have bold black outlines, a different color center with a creamy background coat. This is what I like to call the “Ocelot look” and is what I will strive to breed for.

Our cattery is registered with The International Cat Assoc, and The International Bengal Cat Society. We follow their strict code of ethics. We take great pride in feeding our bengal cats the best nutrition possible. All kittens going to new homes will have their first two sets of shots along with a veterinarian’s evaluation. We are located in Lafayette, Louisiana and can ship kittens via air to anywhere in the United States.