Our Bengalcattery is located in Erftstadt (a small town near Cologne), Germany.
Since 2004 we are breeding Bengals & Cashmeres (longhaired Bengals).
First we used the cattery name “of Ingale” in a german club but since 2008 we only register our Bengals in TICA among “Ingale”.
Our Cashmeres (any longhaired Bengal or longhair carrier) is registred with our cattery name “SilkyBengals”.
Our cats are part of our family, they are totaly integrated in our daily life.
The litters normaly are born in our living room, because our girls most decide to give birth there. All our cats are of course regularly vaccinated and dewormed..
Kittens leave the house not before the age of 14 weeks, after they have been treated with in this age needed vaccinations, dewormed and microchipped.
Since the babies are real family members in the short time, which we are allowed to spend with them and their further well-being is of utmost importance to us, we set value in choosing their future home carefully and timely.
We strictly deprecate factory farming and profit oriented cat breeding!
If you are interested in a kitty of our cattery, it is advisable to contact us early, so that you can have a look on your future baby already after the fourth week and you may watch the kitten growing by visiting our cattery or by pictures.
We are proud member of TICA, our cattery name is naturally registrated.
For questions please send an e-Mail!