We are Simply Blessed Bengals (Formerly known as Simply Simes Bengals.) We are registered with The International Cat Assionation.(TICA). We are a Mother (Beth) and Daughter (Lori) Cattery.
We are known to produce some outstanding Snows, and also Marbles. We have won ON SAFARI
with our snows several times. ON SAFARI is the biggest bengal cat show with Breeders all over the world showing in it.
We have produced serveral REGIONAL WINNERS with titles of Surpreme Grand Champions
We breed for Type and Temperament. We breed for Browns, Snow, Silvers, Charcoals, and sometimes we end up with a Blue or Long hair. We breed for all kinds of patterns.
We sell Pets, Breeders, and if we show a cat and it gets a title then will sell it as a Show Breeder or Show alter.
We work with UC Davis, Texas A and M, and now help with Standford Animal Studies. Most of our cats are DNA Tested, HCM Tested, and Eyes Tested, and now PK-DEF Testing.
Our website is: www.simplyblessedbengals.com and if you type in Lori Beth Bearry on Facebook or Simply Blessed Bengals, then you will be able to see us.
We now have all of our kittens spayed/neutered before leaving our home.
We sell all over the world especially Northern and Southern, CA.
We are truly BLESSED!!! We thank GOD for his goodness and faithfulness.
We are located in the Foothills in Northern CA in Amador County Known for Gold Mining and Lots of Wineries, it is a BEAUTIFUL Place to visit and live
Beth Bearry (209) 223-3040 and Lori Bearry (209) 223-2567
Email: simsimbengals@volcano.net