We are a small Bengal Cat Cattery in Lisbon Falls, Maine specializing in the Brown Rosetted, Silver Rosetted, and Snow Rosetted, and sometimes Marble Patterned Bengal Kittens with the health, temperament, and the wild look at the top of our priorities!  We have been breeding for 14 years  and our cats are all TICA registered and some CFA registered and all our kittens are spayed/neutered and Micro-chipped before they leave Snow Tundra! We have been showing our cats in TICA since we started breeding and are the home of RW SGCA Snow Tundra Mystical Illusion and RW SGC Snow Tundra Steeley Dan and RW QGC Snow Tundra Ivan The Great! We feed our cats a high quality raw meat diet which is species appropriate for their health and structure! Our cats are our family and that is how they are treated!