Cat shows are taking your best kittens or adult cats to show them to other exhibitors and Judges. Having a Judge place your cat in the “Finals” and having that cat get his or her Championship. Sitting with friends and chatting, comparing notes on how a certain cat is doing at the show. Being active members in a cat club, and helping put together the cat shows. This is “our” hobby, it’s what we love to do. It’s all about being with friends, and around other individuals who enjoy the same interests.

We are a small hobby cattery, so when we breed it is mainly to produce kittens that will go on to be our next show cats for the cat show season.

With Silver Bengals finally able to show for their championships in TICA, we successfully have shown our Dimonz on Ice to her Championship, and her last show she received eight finals, one of those a “Best Cat” in a Bengal Congress of 31 Bengals. This is the foundation we hope to build on; developing a clear coated Silver Snow Bengal, with an outstanding structure. We owe our success to several breeders, Bob Torquato for breeding Ice, Linda Evans for allowing us to breed Ice to Jean Luc, Connie and Chuck Pealer for taking pity on us and helping with some of our best breeding’s, and Les Hall for taking the time to point us in the right direction with our silver program, the rest is history, which without God’s blessings would have remained a dream.

Don & Lydia Wright