At Wild Clan Woods our beautiful Bengal cats are raised and trained on over 200 acres of off-grid land with a mix of woodland, meadow and marsh. We enjoy several varieties including Charcoal, Silver, and Brown, in both spotted and marbled patterns. We especially enjoy medium – large patterns and strong eye colour. They spend many hours of the day exploring with us on walks, playing with their siblings and parents, and becoming well-rounded members of the family, ready to made the transition into a smaller pet home. We are located just ten minutes outside the small town of Smiths Falls, Ontario – and just under an hour’s drive south of Ottawa, making pick ups easy when the exciting day finally arrives. Our life truly revolves around developing the best Bengal program – promoting great genetic health and diversity, fantastic temperament, and the stunning patterns the breed has been known for. We are a preservation breeder and work hard to improve the breed, and provide gorgeous loving companions to educated households. We are very active on our social media including TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. We also run a private Facebook group specifically for our clients to watch their kittens grow and develop, as well as see our property and environment in-depth. This also provides the opportunity to connect with our clients last and future and ask for references, which we are always more than happy to provide. We take a holistic approach to raising our cats – including feeding a balanced raw diet, having kittens continue their relationship with both their mother and father after weaning, and waiting to vaccinate until a safer age instead of 8 weeks. We also strongly promote the natural feline rhythm of play, eat, sleep. We are a fully registered TICA cattery and conduct genetic health screening on all breeding pairs in addition to their routine vet care. All cats and kittens are leash trained and ready to rock on their new adventure with you. Feel free to contact us directly at , or view our website & social media links in the contact section on this page.