Welcome to “Wildandbeauty” cattery, our small family Bengal cattery located in Manchester, Great Britain. We are registered in TICA. We are a friends who are passionate of Bengal cats who undertook this great adventure in 2007/08. Our mission is to give birth and raise Bengal kittens in perfect health with a look and behavior that will steal your heart!
Health, Temperament and Outstanding Quality are our priorities.
We breed these small leopards in the traditional colours of black/brown spotted tabby.
We specialize in top quality Bengal cats with spectacular colors and markings!
Our goal is a small home breeding where cats live together with people (and other pets) at home and are full-fledged household members, sleep in bed with a human, are prepared with typical home situations – guests, noise, TV, vacuum cleaner, and other animals. Cats have daily contact with people and their breeding is our hobby, not just a source of income.
To get to offer you kittens of this quality, we select our breeding Bengals among the most beautiful bloodlines of the world! Each was chosen with great care according to very high standards. We place great emphasis on the health of our cats by testing them for main genetic and contagious diseases typical for bengal cats including HCM testing every year.
We are not only just a breeders, we are a pet lovers!